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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Sunshine Connection

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Sunshine Connection is about connecting with and loving on people, reaching out and helping people find Jesus! 

Our Mission is to build relationships with families and enrich the lives of children within our church, local community and beyond. 

How connections are made :

  • Back to School Blessing - School Supplies Giveaway (Outreach to Community)
  • Young Moms Event/Day Out (Every other Month) - leader Tara D.
  • Respite Care for families with special needs children (Every other Month) -
    leader Theresa J.
  • Promote awareness and provide support for Foster Care, Adoption, Special Needs, and Mentoring
  • Care Packages for away college students (Share the Love)
  • Sponsorship of Summer Camps, Teen Conventions, Mega Sports Camp
  • Child Enrichment Gift
“Turning ordinary moments in a one’s life
into extraordinary experiences
through sharing God’s love” 
~ Kim B.
For more Information or with any question contact: Vera Boyko - email: