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Life Group FAQ's

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1. What are life groups?

Life groups are an opportunity to connect with other people of similar interests.  They are simply small groups of people who meet at a regularly scheduled time to spend time studying the Bible, planning camping trips, playing board games or doing whatever the focus of that group is.

2. When are life groups?

Life groups meet on different nights of the week.  Generally the Life Group is scheduled to meet twice monthly at the same time.

3. Why should I join a life group?

We believe that Jesus taught us about relationships.  This is one way that we connect people in relationship with each other.

4. Is there child care?

Child care needs are left up to each individual Life group.

5. Can I attend more than one Life Group at a time?

Absolutely!  If your schedule allows and there is more than one group that peeks your interest, please feel free to attend.

6. I'm interested, now what?

Click here to follow the step by step process to get connected to your Life Group.